How To Choose Best Laptop Stand?

A laptop stand is a best friend of your laptop that helps you adjust the laptop screen to the level of the eye. It supports your laptop and eventually IMPROVES YOUR POOR POSTURE. 

Not only this but an ERGONOMIC LAPTOP STAND helps to make your posture good and lifestyle healthy.  The best laptop stand is the one that helps you get rid of various muscle and body pains by eventually improving your posture. 

But when you put your feet down in the market to buy the laptop stand, you find a range of colours, materials and types of laptop stands that actually confuses you. 

This article aims to help you out to CHOOSE THE BEST LAPTOP STAND for you and your loved ones. 

Here are 7 ways to choose the BEST LAPTOP STAND: 

choose best laptop stand
  1. Quality and Material:

The first thing that should be in mind is the quality of the laptop stand. There are aluminium, metal and wooden laptop stands. Wooden laptop stands are considered the best because they provide you with better quality depending on the brand. 

In comparison to the wooden laptop stand, aluminium or metal laptop stand are the least considered. Many people have complained that aluminium stands are weaker and are more prone to get broken leading to the damage of laptops which might cost too much. 

Thus, WOODEN LAPTOP STANDS are considered better than any other.

  1. Carry weight:

This factor is really significant one. Because in case you opt for a laptop that cannot bear the weight of your laptop stand, then it might lead huge loss of money since it will end up damaging your laptop. 

Hence always look for a stand by checking if it can carry the weight of heavy gaming laptops as well. 

  1. Adjustability:

Since the market is full of variety and ranges to choose from. You'll find both adjustable and non-adjustable laptop stands. But you should choose ADJUSTABLE LAPTOP STAND ALWAYS. There is a reason. The role of a laptop stand is to raise your laptop to eye level, reducing eye strain. For that matter, the height that suits to be adjusted differs from person to person. And the standard height that you get in the market might not suit and would lead to loss of investment. 

adjustable laptop stand

Thus, an ADJUSTABLE LAPTOP STAND provides you with the most comfortable and you can easily fix it as per your comfort and convenience.

  1. Ventilation or cooling fan:

Working professionals or sometimes even students have to work for long hours over the laptop which leads to overheating. And to avoid this situation the laptop stand comes with a cooling fan or ventilation. If it doesn't, then you shouldn't buy it anyways.

Laptop stand
  1. Portable:

This factor is the most considered one. Wherever we go, most of the time we also have to carry our laptops. And in that case, if you have a laptop stand as well, then you must be able to carry it along with you. 

Hence, a portable, easy to carry and Lightweight laptop stand makes your life and travelling both much easier.

  1. Sustainable:

A laptop stand that keeps the environment in mind and is sustainable would be the best choice. Because when we think about our health, we shouldn't forget about the environment as well.  

Thus, sustainable laptop stands that are MANUFACTURED IN INDIA are reliable as well as GOOD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT.

laptop stand in budget
  1. Quality-Cost balance:

A laptop stand that fits your pocket fulfils your needs and is manufactured with premium quality is all you should have.

A suggestion would be to buy a laptop stand that is not highly cheap or highly expensive. Either or it will not turn out to be a great choice. For instance, a premium quality Laptop stand will fit under Rs. 1000 to 1600.

Now, you are an aware consumer who knows how to choose the best laptop stand. Also, If you genuinely need a laptop stand that fits in all of the above criteria then you can blindly buy YOGADESK LAPTOP STAND.

YogaDESK laptop stand inherits all the above features and it is budget-friendly. More than 1000+ people are happily using it. Our consumers always review us by letting us know the health and posture benefits they are leveraging. 


Out of multiple ranges of laptop stands available, now you have to choose the best that fits you. Hope you love reading this article. You can also read more content over the benefits of a laptop stand or Must have laptop essentials. 


  • Divyansh

    I am a regular user of YogaDESK laptop stands and I can bet on it’s quality, durability & usability. It is simple and best to consider in the category.

  • Sameeksha

    Cool stuff :)

  • Adi

    I was fed up with cheap Chinese plastic/aluminum stands. And got this nice Made-in-India YogaDESK

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