Today, People are spending an average of 8-12 hours/day of screen-time working & learning online. A “Bent Work Posture” causes “Neck & Back strain” badly impacting your “Work Productivity”.

YogaDESK designed India's FIRST Ergonomic Laptop Stand & iPad Stand.

Improved Ergonomic Health & Work Productivity

Minimalist & Ergonomic Design. (Design Patented #341885001).

>95% Customer’s corrected their “Work Posture” within 15 days of using YogaDESK & improved their “Work Productivity” by 3X.

Doctors recommend an “Up-Right” work posture during 8-12 hours of screen-time to all online working professionals.

Positive Impact on Environment & Planet (100% Sustainable & Eco-friendly)

0% Plastic, 0% Chemical.

100% Joy for a PLASTIC-GUILT free workspace.

Made from "Re-Purposed" Himalayan/Sheesham wood.

"VRIKSH" certified (NO TREE cutting, Planting MORE TREES).

Positive Impact on generating local employment & social up-lifting

100% Designed, Engineered & Sourced in India.

Handcrafted & Handpolished by Indian women karigars from Bijnor, U.P.

Over 4.6 Rating on Amazon& Peperfry

Consecutive 4th Time Selected as Amazon Launchpads Launchpad Emerging Brand