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A laptop stand is a must have now-a-days. With the increased use of laptop/tablets and longer working/studying hours, it has become very common to face various pains. Neck pain, back pain and shoulder pain are some of them. 

People often have a lot questions and doubts when they have to get a laptop stand. Thus, I have answered all of your questions here. 

In his guide, you will get to know everything about a laptop stand and the things you should keep in mind before buying it. 

yogadesk laptop stand

Q1. Are these products Chinese or Made in India?

All YogaDESK products are PROUDLY MADE-IN-INDIA. Brand is duly recognized by Govt. of India under “Startup India” registration number DIPP-77761.

Q2. Can I use the YogaDESK  laptop stand for a tablet as well?

Yes! It has 2-in-1 usage Laptop-cum-Tablet Stand purpose. You can shuttle between your Laptop or Tablet for working with ease & comfort.

Q3. What type of wood is used? Is it engineered wood or Natural wood?

Made from 100% Natural Solid Himalayan wood. “VRIKSH” certified, Reclaimed, Seasoned, Treated & handcrafted by Nagina artisans.

Q4. How is a YogaDESK laptop stand better than cheap Plastic/Aluminium laptop stands?

YogaDESK laptop stands are 100% ECO-friendly, Sturdy & Stable, Elegant & stylish and 100% Made-in-India compared to cheap Chinese Plastic/aluminium laptop stands.

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Q5: Is this laptop stand foldable, portable & travel-friendly?

Yes! It's a very slim, light-weight (~750 gms), foldable & portable laptop stand. It easily slips into your laptop bag, hand bag or school bag. It is easy-to-use & easy-to-carry.

Q6. Is the laptop stand adjustable & ergonomically designed?

Yes! It’s ergonomic design provides easily adjustable 7 slots (0-90 Degree rotation) & raises your laptop screen by upto 8 inches, giving you the most comfortable & up-right sitting posture without much bending.

Q7. Can this carry the weight of a larger, heavier laptop?

Yes! Medium size Laptop stand is designed to carry Laptop weight upto 14 inches (upto 2 kgs). Large size can easily carry laptop weight upto 17 inches (upto 4 kgs). 

Q8. What’s the right laptop stand size to fit my Laptop or Tablet?

Yes! Laptop stand is available in 2 sizes: Medium & Large. 

Medium size is designed for Laptop sizes upto 14 inches, Tablets, MacBooks, iPads. Large size is designed for Laptop sizes upto 17 inches heavier, larger, Gaming, designer PCs.

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Q9. Is there a cooling Fan in your laptop stand like other plastic products?

NO! Unlike Chinese products where fan noise causes head-ache & steals your peace. This INDIAN product utilises natural wood vents & natural air ventilation keeping your laptop & head cool :)

Q10. Is the wood waterproof? Can I wipe it with wet cloth?

Yes. Our laptop stand is water resistant and Safe to use a wipe to clean it.

yogadesk laptop stand

YES, the wood is WATER-RESISTANT. You can use a DRY or damp cotton cloth to keep the dust away.

Hope you find this article useful. Do share your views in the comment box.

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