Why do you need a laptop stand? 

Laptop stand seems inessential, but it has enormous benefits that can help you improve your physical health and posture as well. 

The way you need an ergonomic chair, the same way you need a laptop stand that fits your laptop well making you comfortable. 

4 benefits of laptop stand

1. Raises your laptop to the eye-level

ergonomic benefits of laptop stand

An ergonomic laptop stand raises your laptop to the level of the eye that helps to reduce the eye strain. 

If you have worked for longer hours over the laptop, you must have observed that with the passage of time your neck starts bending more and more. You start bending your neck from 0 degrees to 60 degrees. 

Ultimately this leads to neck pain, back pain, and muscle pain that seems obvious. 

This situation is faced by every user of a laptop who works even for more than 3-4 hours over the laptop. 

The adjustable laptop stand, in these cases, works as a natural remedy. It raises your laptop to your eye level so that you don't have to look down to work over the laptop.

This not only improves your body posture but also reduces your eye strain, headache and improves eyesight.

2. Improves performance 

yogadesk laptop stand

When you are working on a laptop with an ergonomic laptop stand, it increases your productivity. 

In a situation when you are working without a laptop stand, it ultimately leads to various muscle pains, headaches, strain, and irritation overall. This eventually distracts your concentration from your work and makes you much less efficient.

Although working with a laptop stand helps a lot. It not only improves your efficiency in the output but also provides ventilation to your laptop. This doesn't allow overheating of the laptop, making the functioning of the laptop smoother and your mind stable plus calmer. 

3. Improves typing

easy typing with laptop stand

If you are planning to get a laptop stand, then you are surely gonna feel a huge difference in your typing efficiency. 

Generally when we work, our hands and shoulders are low or bent while typing but if you use a laptop stand, it pulls the keyboard closer to you, making your typing easier, faster and more comfortable.

4. Protects from carpal tunnel

laptop stand prevents from carpal syndrome


Carpal tunnel syndrome is a painful situation that causes numbness and weakness in the hands. 

This happens with continuous repetitive movements. Trying consistently over the laptop for long hours could be one of the reasons for this. 

Thus, when using an ergonomic adjustable laptop stand, you can easily adjust the height of the keypad/ keyboard that provides you with comfortable and easy typing. 


  1. According to Ayurveda, sunbathing for some time while sunrise or sunset can improve your eyesight
  2. You can use anti-glare glasses to protect your eyes from harmful lights that a laptop emits.
  3. Splashing cold water in the morning over your eyes while holding water in your mouth makes your eye fresh and makes your sight better to work over the screen. 

Do you want to know some things that you should keep in mind while buying a laptop stand? Read here. 

Hope this article will help you to make a good decision to choose the laptop stand. 

Feel free to drop your suggestions and feedback in the comments section.

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