Online Education: Boon or Bane?

COVID-19 has pushed a new concept of LEARN-FROM-HOME culture in every home against physical CLASSROOM LEARNING, altogether. 

bad posture kid studying

Since COVID days, the whole world has CHANGED, not only the way the OFFICES used to operate but SCHOOL classes, COLLEGE lecture’s way of learning has become DIGITAL bringing enormous change in regular workspace & lifestyle concerns. Online classes of students and digitalization of schools and colleges are the instance of digital transformation that the world is leading into as a new way of learning.

There is a reason why there was a need to tap over the impact of online classes on students and kids. Stick to the article to understand how online learning works and has brought a CHANGED LIFESTYLE, looking into the positive and negative aspects of this new ONLINE CLASSES world. 

Online learning as a change in lifestyle 

Online education or what we call VIRTUAL LEARNING has made life so easy and comfortable. Morning starts with waking-up from your BED to ZOOM-ing onto your laptop screen for all day sessions. The day ends by closing the laptop screen and getting back to sleep again. Undoubtedly, life has become SMOOTH & SORTED, however also LETHERGIC and BORING. 

I can imagine my engaged readers reading this article by laying down on their stomach, over bed or couch. Or, might be lying down to sleep and reading this article, but one thing i can bet, YOUR SHOULDER or NECK must have been bent right, NOW. This is where I see the biggest problem. I will come back to this later on.

No matter what, but LEARN FROM HOME (earlier Work-from-home) or online classes has intensely given us the comfort, easier attendance, easy learning and has saved a good time that you can spend with your loved ones. 

Online learning/Education Boon or Bane?

The biggest controversy is going on all around us, whether the online education boon or bane. This controversy is never ending indeed! 

Bringing a lot of comfort for kids & students, the online culture from home has SNATCHED the FREEDOM from kids making their life lethargic and sedentary. 

Not to say that online education has just the negative effects but the negative ones are largely more IMPACTFUL than the positive ones. Online classes have affected MENTAL HEALTH, increasing EYE-STRAIN, BAD POSTURE and MUSCLE PAIN in majorly neck and shoulders. In all news, social media and elsewhere you can see that even kids (pre-teens) and students are wearing POWER GLASSES at such an early age. Not only this, but developing neck & back pain due to extended hours of bad posture is hampering their growth & development.

Let’s understand how Online classes affect YOUR CHILD’s HEALTH…slowly & adversely

  • Less Human touch affects mental health- Online education for kids from a very early age is making them more introverted due to lack of human interactions. Online learning is not only leading to a lack of interest due to a lethargic lifestyle but also making them lose their interest in overall COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT. 
  • Continuous Scrolling-down/Information overload causes Stress and anxiety- Pressure to sit for long hours and concentrate forcefully is making them stressed and anxious. Prolonged online classes over the laptop or mobile are increasing their strain on the head. 
  • Major Health disorders- A number of students from class 4th to 12th studying in various schools in Indian metros experienced various health problems due to prolonged online classes during the pandemic, reveals a recent survey by Lucknow-based Spring Dale College with a sample size of 4,454 respondents including students, teachers, and parents. (source: Hindustan Times)

  • The critical health issues are…

    1. Feeling lethargic, low energy levels, Fatigue: Largely due to a sedentary lifestyle where you continue to remain in an informant position for long hours. Less body movement, less blood circulation lead to low energy levels. irritability, obesity, and fatigue, 22.7% of respondents also reported insomnia, said the survey.
    2. The strain on eye, irritation & dryness in eyes, tendency to wear spectacles/glasses due to viewing Laptop screen from too close.
    3. Bad Posture & Backache due to bent posture. Students or kids very rarely sit properly to attend classes or do their work. Their eye level is always below to see the screen or they are attending classes with bent heads and shoulders. These seem very common among almost all age groups ranging from kids to adults to elder parents. These bad postures lead to lifelong diseases. Neck & shoulder muscles stress, numbness due to wrong sitting posture.
    4. weak eye-sight: Sitting continuously on the laptop for long hours, studying or reading over PC strains your eye and weakens the eye-sight. It has been reportedly observed that kids at an early age are coming up with stress, headache, and blurry/unclear visibility. 

    Who is responsible for these adverse health effects on students due to Online Learning Culture

    kid using laptop stand

    If asked, who is gonna take responsibility for the negative impact that online studying is creating on students, nobody is there to answer. Although, parents are the ones who take care of their kid’s health, UNCONSCIOUSLY they fail to realise where we are lacking.

    For a moment, let’s step-back & reflect on this entire episode. Whether required or not, we buy our kids the LATEST & GREATEST, a Laptop or iPad, ANTI-GLARE glasses, an ERGONOMIC CHAIR, and a STUDY TABLE but SOMEHOW we MISS-OUT/OVERLOOK something through which we and our kids can get rid of growing health issues caused by a sedentary lifestyle. 

    And that is an adjustable LAPTOP STAND which can raise your Laptop Screen to your eye-level & make a whole lot of difference from that moment itself. 

    Kids are Happily using our laptop stands.

    Recently done clinical research & sample studies have shown that if you SIT UPRIGHT then it helps REDUCING your eye-strain, shoulder pain, neck pain, headache due to overexposure of Laptop Screen. And this ONLY be achieved by using a LAPTOP STAND that can bring the laptop screen to your comfortable eye level. This eventually leads to an ergonomic lifestyle, improved posture, and lessened health issues.

    There are 10,000+ users of YogaDESK LAPTOP STAND who have observed POSITIVE change in their lifestyle. And , now they…

    kid using laptop stand
    • Don’t visit Physiotherapist Doctor for sedentary workstyle issue viz. Neck pain, shoulder pain.
    • Have improved eye-sight
    • Reduced tendency for back pain
    • Have more FUN during online work owning to maintaining a good posture 

    There are many CHINESE products (made of cheap Plastic & Metal) selling on Amazon/Flipkart. But we see a genuine reason why most YogaDESK Laptop Stand users consistently rate it above 4****. Let’s look at how they do it every time:

    • Easily Adjustable (0-90 degrees rotation) giving you required eye-level raise. Ergonomic design.
    • ZERO Plastic & Paint-Free. Made from 100% “VRIKSH” certified Natural wood.
    • Light-weight, Sturdy, & Durable.
    • 100% Designed by Indian Engineers & Handcrafted by Indian Karigars.
    • Design registered & Patent pending.
    • 100% Health & Environment friendly.

    YogaDESK is the FIRST INDIAN brand that focuses on health, environment & community & that's what makes them the preferred Customer choice.

    If you and your kids' daily routine is occupied with the work surrounding the laptop, then you must go for this laptop essential YogaDESK laptop stand. Best laptop stands ever to tackle your inconveniences which happens due to sitting for long hours.

    To conclude, no matter if online education is a boon or a bane, the hardcore reality is ONLINE LEARNING is the way forward. And to embrace this new landscape, you seriously take care of your ERGONOMIC HEALTH. 

    P.S: Surely, this article has given you much needed insights about a growing issue in our OWN FAMILY & why we need to adopt a HEALTHY WORK POSTURE. So without hesitating, Go ahead & share it with your loved ones & let them know the benefits of using a LAPTOP STAND & so they all start enjoying their Online Classes. HAPPY LEARNING!!!

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