Why bad posture an alarming situation?

Is your child experiencing neck & back pain due to all day online classes? It could be due to your child’s bent sitting posture. Know more about how an ergonomic laptop stand helps keep your child “Sit Right”….


The COVID-19 global pandemic has changed our world forever. From rushing through the daily traffic to just logging-in to Zoom classes (learn from home) & Zoom meetings (work from home) schedules. These days, online learning, online working, online gaming & online streaming is the norm in every household. School kids to college students across academic levels are attending classes digitally from their home desk-cum-bed. 

And all this without having the right learning set-up at home, not everybody can afford fancy office tables & chairs. And even those who have the set-up, visiting physiotherapists with complaints of neck & shoulder pain issues. 

Child learning online


One thing about the learn @ home system is the lethargy that comes with it. Mostly children attend online classes, reclining on the couch or lying on the bed. As much fun as it sounds, regularly doing this leads to back pain and neck problems. These positions are stressful for your body. Recent studies suggest, at 7 years of age, about 1% of children will have experienced lower back pain; at 10 years of age, about 6% of children will have experienced lower back pain. As much as18% of adolescents between the age of 12 to 16 suffer from back pain. 

Even online gaming children are at risk of developing cervical pain. The countless hours of aiming, shooting, and streaming leaves our bodies stressed and leads to back pain. As online gaming develops into a full-time youth career, upcoming gamers must add an adjustable laptop stand to their gaming desk. 

So if you feel pain in your back or neck, do not take it lightly. It could be the start of a significant problem, months, maybe years of excruciating pain. With years of ignorance, the slight back pain will cause many problems in your growing age. 

Here we share actionable insights on the science of sitting/ergonomics, ideal postures, and accessories to help maintain a healthy sitting posture through this blog. Let us understand the anatomy of sitting first.

What is “Ergonomic Posture”? And why it’s important to your health & sleep...

Ergonomic, by definition, means something designed for a comfortable and stress-free work environment. Ergonomic sitting posture gives you more focus & concentration on your activity, because you don’t feel muscular strain on your neck & shoulders.

Fact is, your head is the heaviest part (~5 kgs or 8% of your body weight) of your upper body which is hinged through your neck muscles. Any forward movement of your head puts undue pressure on your soft neck muscles, which gets further forward bend due to your bent back. So, 1 + 1 becomes 11 in this case i.e. double bending action like a cantilever.

bent posture

Though, there is no single best sitting position, there are a few common ways to adjust your sitting posture for stress-free working/learning:. 

  • Place your Laptop or Tablet at a 10-20 degree viewing angle. Slouching on the bed and keeping your laptop on the lap is not a good sitting posture. 
  • Always remember to keep your head straight with your spine. Avoid bending backward or forward or sideward. Try to sit in a comfortable straight posture. 
  • Always keep your feet flat on the floor or an even footrest. Our feet give our body a sense of balance. Your entire feet must touch the surface to get a sense of balance.
  • Do not sit for more than one hour at a stretch. Always schedule a break and walk a few steps to refresh your body and mind. 
  • Regularly exercises helps keep your muscles well stretched & avoid any neck & back pain

Whether using a PC, laptop, tablet or iPad, the device does not dictate your sitting position; the backache does. If you feel tired most of the time and cannot focus on your learning, it is time to change your sitting position. 


What is an Ergonomic Laptop Stand/Laptop Riser, Tablet stand? 

Apart from having an expensive table & chair setup, an ergonomic laptop stand is an ideal accessory for healthy sitting positions. Let's understand key factors to consider while buying a laptop stand. Please consider a few important features of an ergonomic laptop stand before buying:

  • The design & adjustability of your laptop stand. Its ergonomic design must be able to raise your laptop screen to your eye-level keeping your chin-up & raised head. Preferably, a laptop stand which can adjust from 0-90 degrees raising the device screen from 2 - 7 inches & helping you CHIN-UP. 
  • User-friendly, easy-to-use, easy-to-carry. If you wish to buy a portable and adjustable laptop stand, look for something lightweight which you can carry along during your WORKATIONS & sturdy enough to hold your device firmly. However, if you buy something bulky remember that it will not be portable.
  • Don’t compromise your safety & environment safety. Market is flooded with cheap plastic & metal stands (Chinese made) which are not environment friendly. Choose a stand which is designed for user safety & doesn’t harm you while in use, made from sustainable material & free from any hazardous chemical.

Buying any laptop stand is easy, but buying an ergonomic &  easy-to-use laptop stand is tricky. We hope that the information above helps you choose the “Right One” for you.. 


So do not sit bent; sit right and improve your health. Take regular breaks from sitting, exercise a little and walk a few steps. Gift yourself & your family an ergonomic laptop stand, an adjustable tablet stand that will give you the much-required comfort and convenience for your non-ending online work.


P.S: Please do share this article with someone who needs a Laptop riser, Tablet stand immediately. Do spread the word for a healthy workforce & a productive nation!


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