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YogaDESK is a corporate gifting company provides corporate gifting solutions for all types of occasions, whether a office events or a festival.


You can personalize your corporate order with your company logo.

To ensure timely delivery. place your purchase order (PO) and inform us of the event date or month at least 20-30 days in advance.This allows us sufficient time to prepare and manufacture the necessary products for your upcoming events.

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Why You Need to Give Corporate Gifts to Employees

Corporate gifts serve to fortify the connection between company leaders and their teams, as well as all stakeholders involved in the business. They are regarded as more than just tokens of goodwill; they are instrumental in fostering strong business relationships. Purchasing gifts online for employees and clients offers numerous advantages in nurturing these relationships.

Motivational for employees: Motivating employees is crucial, especially in environments where stress and anxiety are common. The pressure to meet deadlines and the dedication employees invest in their work contribute to this stress. To foster efficiency and productivity, it's essential for companies to keep their teams motivated. Purchasing corporate gifts online is one of the most effective ways for managers to honor and inspire their staff.

Increase satisfaction levels: Employee job satisfaction is paramount because when employees devote their energy to the organization, they expect to see their contributions make a difference. Providing gift hampers for employees and corporate clients on special occasions is a fantastic idea. This gesture not only shows appreciation but also contributes to enhancing employee satisfaction in the workplace.

Increase bonding: With the office becoming a second home for many, shared lunch breaks and brief pauses during work hours bolster team cohesion. Employees and clients form the crucial pillars of organizational success. Distributing corporate gifts during festive seasons fosters and reinforces relationships with all stakeholders. Satisfied staff members are inclined to work more efficiently, ultimately benefiting the company.

For gratitude: Acknowledging appreciation is not only thoughtful but also essential for cultivating robust connections. It's imperative for managers to demonstrate appreciation towards their staff. Offering corporate gifts serves as an ideal method to express gratitude to the team.

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