Impact of Work From Home on Work-Life Balance

Are you a Content Creator? Copywriter, Graphic Designer, YouTuber, Digital Marketer…

Your pain of longer sitting hours over the laptop, could be felt by me. That is painful! All these new age professions, including some more that I might have missed, requires sitting for average 8 hrs or more than 10 to 12 hours of the day on your PC screen. This becomes really STRESSFUL…like a HELL

An interesting story of my dear friend Samar, you will relate to (kahani ghar ghar ki :)

My really close friend can explain better what I am talking about.


My friend Samar is a full time graphic designer due to which he spends > half-day over the laptop. Eventually he started having back pain, muscle pain, headaches and weakened eye-sight. As a result, he did what most or maybe all of us do. 

He consulted a senior doctor and spent a ton of money & time on daily physiotherapy & apart from regular pain relievers.

His Doctor suggested that he improve his posture (simply SIT STRAIGHT) and work on his sedentary lifestyle. Doctor asked him to get a table desk and sit on an ergonomic chair & strictly advised avoid sitting on Bed.

Thus, he bought it and started using it but that too did not give him complete relief. Although his back pain got little improvement BUT neck pain, shoulder pain and eye-strain remained unchanged :(

Samar was really fed-up & was wondering about how to regain his health. While he was GOOGLING, landed up on AMAZON product listing & read some customer reviews about a Laptop Stand. With some scepticism, he ordered one laptop stand for himself to try for a week's time (advantage of Amazon's 7 day replacement policy :)). After 2-3 days of regular use, he realised that what his expensive table & ergonomic chair couldn’t do this tiny thing gave him the much needed relief. After adding LAPTOP STAND to his daily work routine, he started feeling HEALTHIER & HAPPIER & never visited doctor for the same reason again. Later, he shared his personal experience on all his social media platforms to make people aware about the importance of LAPTOP STAND for a “COMFORTABLE SITTING POSTURE”.


What Laptop/tabs are causing Indeed?

These professions like trading, stock marketing, designing, video editing and much more, require a lot of focus and concentration on screen which specifically increases eye strain and weakens eye-sight. 

These professions have no alternates to work anyways out of the screen. People working for hours over the laptop use anti-glayers and glasses but that does not work in a holistic way to protect their health and issues raising with sedentary lifestyle. 

What can be understood is that this this issue is not just for my friend but every person who is working on laptop for longer hours especially the youtubers, editors, designers and marketers. Being in the digital world and being surrounded by the people who works all the time over screens, laptops and tabs, I can understand what it feels like.

What I feel is Work From Home culture has added more to our comfort, since we can skip travelling and wake up to Google Meet. However, that is not so fun as it seems It is leading to various health issues rasing health concerns which can be seen below.

laptop stand benefits

How sedentary is your lifestyle?

backpain without laptop stand
  1. Stress and anxiety- Pressure to sit for long hours and concentrate forcefully is making professionals stressed and anxious. Prolonged working hours over the laptop or mobile are increasing their strain on the head. It is not the end, If you will brainstorm in the end of the day, you will realize that most oof the time in your day, you are either on your laptop, tab or mobile. Basically all the time over the screen. This is really an alarming situation for your physical and mental health.

  1. Major Health disorders- A number of students from class 4th to 12th studying in various schools in Indian metros experienced various health problems due to prolonged online classes during the pandemic, reveals a recent survey by Lucknow-based Spring Dale College with a sample size of 4,454 respondents including students, teachers, and parents. (source: Hindustan Times)

    1. Lethargic and Fatigueness: Largely due to a sedentary lifestyle where you continue to remain in an informant position for long hours. Less body movement, less blood circulation lead to low energy levels. irritability, obesity, and fatigue, 22.7% of respondents also reported insomnia, said the survey.
    2. Eye-strain: There is a tendency to wear spectacles/glasses due to viewing Laptop screen from too close. And this leads to eye strain. Not only it compels your eye sight to focus more but weakens its visibility in the long run.
    3. Bad Posture & Backache due to bent posture: Working professionals rarely sit properly to do their work. Their eye level is always below to see the screen or they are attending classes with bent heads and shoulders. These seem very common among almost all age groups ranging from kids to adults to elder parents. These bad postures lead to lifelong diseases. Neck & shoulder muscles stress, numbness due to wrong sitting posture. 
    4. Coronary diseases: Longer sitting periods that too without proper posture is also linked to heart diseases and heart issues. That is why it is highly recommended to keep your body working to make a balance between health and work life.


Solution is YogaDESK laptop that raises laptop to the eye-level and then keeps your neck straight because level of eye matched with the laptop screen. After a week or two our consumers started feeling lowered neck pain and shoulder pain. Also, they realized their eye pain and strain is also quite better. 

Comfortable laptop stand

What the stories of our customers tells us is that we spent a lot over ergonomic chair but do not realize what actually is required. Laptop also needs a laptop stand. 

There are multiple brands in the market that are selling laptop stands but YogaDESK laptop stand is adjustable, sustainable and portable, so I highly recommend trying one out.

It is not just me, but there are more than 1000+ people who bought this laptop stand and strongly felt the change in their routine. 

So, what are you waiting for? Open another tab in your screen right now and make you posture good and health comfortable both mentally and physically.

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    relatable article…

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    oh god, now I realize why neck pain was persistent…

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